Pre- & Post-Registration Listings

Warning! Beware of Unauthorized List Rental

Some exhibitors are being contacted by "CRM Data Sales" soliciting vendors to purchase AALL attendee lists. Please note that this company has no affiliation with AALL.  AALL is the only authorized provider of the AALL 2017 conference registrant list and the list can only be obtained by submitting the form provided in the information below.


Pre- and post-registrant listings will be available for rental before the 2017 AALL Annual Meeting. Either an US Mail or Email address list is available.

For the pre-registrant listings, expect to receive between 1,300-1,500 names and addresses.
For the post-show registrant listings, expect to receive approximately 1,500 names and addresses.

Listings will be emailed in a Microsoft EXCEL® formatted spreadsheet. All lists are a one-time only use. A sample of the mailing must be received with your order for AALL approval.

Complete the form and enclose both a sample of the mailing and payment information. Orders without a sample and/or payment will not be processed. Orders without a sample and/or payment will not be processed. Pre-show lists will be emailed out by June 5, 2017 for orders received by May 26th. Post-show lists will be sent out by August 8, 2017.